Reusable cup rental service

Reusable cup rental is a viable hassle free option for all types and sizes of events, we offer a full end to end service. Choose from plain or a range of pre-set artwork cups.


We deliver your desired quantity, collect and wash your reusable cups!

Reusable cup rental options

We have 2 options when it comes to rental of reusable cups…


Option one plain cup

10p per cup

with a 25p deposit


Option two pre-set artwork

10p per cup

with a 30p deposit

Deposit is repaid on return of cup. Cups are delivered in tote box carrier for a £19.99 deposit but the use is free. Or opt for cardboard box this is free of charge.

Rental key features

As part of our rental service, we deliver your reusable cup order to your venue, collect when complete and process through our high tech wash plant. It’s reuse at it’s best.

Leading recycling processes


Efficient use of water

What you need to do...

  • See which rental option best suits your needs
  • Complete your details
  • Select your rental cup option
  • Choose your pint and or half pint quantities
  • Select date of event
  • Send us the details and we will confirm pricing

Get in touch, either complete the form below or call us on +44 1536 680068

It’s important that the ethos of reducing environmental impact applies to the processes required to clean and return our reusable cups. Working with our suppliers we have ensured our wash chemicals contain no bleaches or chlorine, this means no harmful chemicals go into the drainage system.