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More details about our cups

The reusable festival cup, is a pint to brim with half pint line included on the cup, this enables the cup to be used as a half pint and pint legal measure cup.

Our cups are made from the finest materials, manufactured in the UK. We pride ourselves as having the greenest cup on the market with full circle recycling. Our labels are full in mould labelling. (IML)

What is IML? - Are all labels the same?

IML is a process where the label is placed inside the mould and the plastic is injected in to form the cup with the label forming part of the cup. In Mould Labeling is the highest quality way of moulding a cup with a label.

Are all Labels made the same? No all labels are not made the same, a great deal of cup suppliers say they use IML which they do, yet the label they use is of a poorer quality. There are two forms of labels for IML.

  • Single sheet labels are printed on the back, then moulded, this is still IML but the cheaper and least resilient of labels.

  • Laminated labels are the highest quality and most durable and long lasting. The print is sandwiched between two layers of film then moulded. This is the best you can expect from a manufacturer.

Reusable Cup Company only uses the highest quality moulding and labels, IML with laminated labels.

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Cup Options

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You will be able to select the number of cups required. Prices do not include VAT, this is added in the cart.

Delivery is also added in the cart based on cups ordered.

Pint Cups

Pint Cups carry two size markings moulded in the cup wall.

20oz Pint to Brim UK

10oz Half Pint line UK

All CE marking and manufacturing details on the base of the cup.

Half Pint Cups

Half Pint Cups carry three size markings moulded in cup wall.

10oz half pint lined

Moulded 90º round the cup

25cl and 30cl Lined


All CE marking and manufacturing details on the base of the cup.


If you ordered a cup with your own artwork. There is NO CHARGE for first proof, single artwork designs. Alterations can be chargeable.